Bayview and York Mills

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Did you know this about Bayview and York Mills?

Bayview and York Mills encompass the area between Yonge Street and Leslie Street, running south from Highway 401 to Lawrence Avenue.

Cheryl and Samantha know it extremely well and therefore understand why you are interested in this area. It was from the former Town of “York” and the many saw “Mills” that operated in this valley from 1804 until 1926. York Mills had a distillery, a tannery, a blacksmith shop, 3 churches, a school, a post office, a toll gate and the Jolly Miller Tavern, built-in 1857, which still operates today as The Miller Tavern.

The Graff Girls explain that the transition of York Mills from a rural village to a prosperous neighbourhood started in the 1930s on the hill near St. John’s Church and Hedgewood Road area, just south of York Mills Road. The highly respected St. Andrew’s College owned the land East of Yonge Street to Bayview Avenue in the early 1920s before moving to Aurora. The property was purchased by St. Andrew’s Estates which used the land as a championship golf course until the 1950s.

This neighbourhood began to take off as a suburb of Toronto in the 1950s. In 1952, E.P. Taylor, the wealthy businessman and horse breeder, owned a large property which is now the Canadian Film Centre.

So The Graff Girls understand why you are thinking of buying a house here.  Today, York Mills is a flourishing area. Streets are lined with mature trees and large lots. Many of the original homes built, when the area was first developed after the first World War, were in the Tudor and English Cottage design.  Then mid-century, many sprawling split-level and ranch bungalows were built.

Today, these homes are being re-developed with larger, custom-built executive homes with a Classical or Georgian style. The infill housing reflects designs mimicking homes in The Bridle Path, one of Toronto’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, located directly south of York Mills. There are also many luxury condominium apartments and townhouses in the area.

Dining in Bayview and York Mills?

As for fine dining, Samantha and Cheryl are very familiar with the exquisite Auberge du Pommier restaurant located on the site of what was originally two woodcutter’s homes from the 1860s.  The area now boasts many other family-style and finer restaurants.

How are the schools in Bayview and York Mills?

Feel free to ask Cheryl and Samantha about the local schools.  There are several schools, public, secondary, Catholic and private, in the area, including Harrison and Owen Public Schools, St. Andrew’s Junior High, York Mills Collegiate, Loretto Abbey, The Crescent School, The Toronto French School, Bayview Glen and Crestwood School.

What about medical care in Bayview and York Mills?

The Graff Girls explain that medical care is excellent at North York Hospital, located at Sheppard Avenue and Leslie Street.  World-renowned Sunnybrook Hospital is located just south of York Mills on Bayview Avenue. The area now is home to dozens of healthcare providers from western medicine to naturopaths to energy practitioners and many more.

Are there nice parks in Bayview and York Mills?

Samantha and Cheryl will tell you that no area in Toronto has better parks than Bayview and York Mills.  The area is known for Edwards Gardens,  Wilket Creek and their many walking trails.  Plus, the community boasts a hockey arena, baseball diamond, tennis courts, and the Don Valley Golf Course.

Do you like to shop?

The Graff Girls say that Bayview Village is the most upscale mall in the GTA.  Then there are The Shops of Don Mills and Fairview Mall within minutes of driving. You will not have to drive far to get the best shopping that Toronto has to offer.

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