Meet Samantha Graff

I joined my mother, Cheryl Graff at Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage in 1995 after completing my B.A. at The University of Western Ontario. Having multiple ideas of what I wanted to do, I thought joining my mother would be a stepping stone experience. As you can see, real estate became my passion. Being an entrepreneur, at heart, in 1997 I founded my side business – – Personalized Gifts, to compliment my real estate services.


I have built a strong foundation of skills as an expert in real estate, such as marketing, sales, and customer service. As I have been told, my energy and creativity are unmatched. My passion to help people has taken THE GRAFF GIRLS to a whole new level by incorporating social media.

I believe in building long-standing relationships through the act of giving. Offering Personalized Gifts and going that one step beyond my competition has provided me with a solid foundation for THE GRAFF GIRLS referrals and repeat business.

Partnerships of any type can be challenging. At TGG, we focus on building successful partnerships through constant communication, reliability and commitment. I am fortunate to have a unique relationship with my mother on both a professional and personal level, which adds to the success story of THE GRAFF GIRLS.

Cheryl & Samantha Graff

There is nothing strong than a mother and daughter’s relationship. Our mother-daughter bond, along with our individual personalities, combined with my newly accomplished skills has helped flourish our unique, dynamic and successful partnership.

A client note:

I love that they work as a mother-daughter team. Samantha’s slip of the word, “mom”, when referring to Cheryl and, Cheryl saying, “my daughter will…”, made us feel these are not just real estate agents that will love & leave us. We would refer them to our friends, family & children in a heartbeat.”

 “The mother-daughter combo spoke to me. Going through a divorce, trusting others is a little more challenging for me. Samantha was really honest, patient, supportive and got the job done. I was very comfortable letting them do what clearly they do best.”

The attraction of buyers and/or sellers of all ages has become second nature for THE GRAFF GIRLS. I have received thank you notes that consistently include words such as:

Energetic, Loyal, Innovative, Compassionate and Trustworthy.

Referrals and repeat business from clients, friends & family continue to support THE GRAFF GIRLS. Contemporaries of Cheryl are attracted to my youthful being & contemporaries of my own love for Cheryl’s experience, calmness and confidence.

The ability to sell homes at the highest price the market can bear, in the least amount of time requires great analytical skills and confidence. We provide you with the recommended prices, without the stress.

Our expertise does not require us to send our buyers hundreds of listings of potential homes. Instead, we listen to and believe in our clients’ needs. I am confident enough to provide you with potential properties as they fit your expectations and, as they become available.

As an expert realtor, I believe it is our job to sort through listings FOR YOU to fulfill your needs and ensure you find a home that YOU love. As a buyer, you should never have to sort through several unfitting listings on your own.

We believe in educating our buyers and sellers. Give us a call. Cheryl and I will be happy to meet with you and share what the market has to offer.

Keep smiling!

Samantha Graff