Estate Sales

In the last 10 years, The Graff Girls have experienced a significant rise in the number of adult children who have consulted and then retained us to list, stage, sell and close on their parents’ home, either after they have moved into a senior’s residence or, sadly, passed away.
The sort of work that we have done with families is highly specialized.  Often times, there are many different emotions at play which can influence and sometimes hinder the sale process.  Luckily, as a mother/daughter team, Cheryl and Samantha have decades of experience helping adult children and their elderly parents manage the sale of their home – successfully, speedily and with the least amount of stress.
We have faced the presence of sibling rivalry play out in our work, which has caused us to become sensitive, skilled and capable in managing the family dynamics.
Whatever the underlying issues may be, as experienced realtors with skills in family dynamics, diplomacy and estate sales, Cheryl and Samantha can ensure that all members of the family feel they are treated equally, fairly and respectfully, whatever the outcome of the home sale is.
If you are facing the prospect of selling your parents’ family home and/or moving them to a smaller residence such as a condominium, The Graff Girls would be pleased to assist you in transitioning your parents to their new home.

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