Meet Cheryl Graff

I have to confess my husband, Dennis is the reason for my success. Without his complete support, I would not be the role model I became for my 3 children or other agents.

Entering the Real Estate Market in Toronto in 1981 was truly a challenge. Interest rates soared to 21%. I was told by many people …”if you can do well in this market you can do well in any market and you will be successful.”

I was challenged. Using my psychology background, teaching organizational skills and abilities to use effective communication by speaking, prioritizing and explaining everything clearly my vision and path for success for my Buyers and Sellers was inevitable.

In negotiating I always keep in mind the goals of the Buyer or the Seller. I always put myself in their shoes and see if the home and financial responsibility fit. Whether it is a rental home for 1500 per month or a home for $5,000,000 dollars I must feel comfortable in telling them to go forward or not. There are many past clients who have been in their homes for over 20 years and have said: “… it was the best decision I ever made and are so happy you gave us a little nudge to go for it.”

My success is attributed to exceeding my goals, establishing a powerful referral network, feeling fulfilled with the satisfaction of my clients being happy and gathering many friendships throughout my career.

Each day I raise the bar to be recognized by my family, clients, and friends as a person who can negotiate, guide, manage, inspire and create an established business. In future years, I hope to share my road to success by teaching others what I feel is so valuable.

A few strengths that support my success include: strong listening and organizational skills, formulating and revitalizing the implementation of systems efficiently to keep up with technology.

I must add I work with my daughter Samantha. Please read her bio. You will see she possesses many of my traits and brings to our partnership her own unique style and personality which exudes high energy and spirit.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the future! It will be a successful road and enjoyable experience!