Hoggs Hollow

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Did you know this about Hoggs Hollow?

Hoggs Hollow encompasses the area East of Yonge Street to Bayview Avenue South of York Mills Road to Doncliffe Drive. Certain streets in Hoggs Hollow back onto Rosedale Golf Club. There is a stone bridge in the middle of the neighbourhood under which the Don River flows on its winding course towards Lake Ontario. The lots in Hoggs Hollow are large and over the past decades the original homes have been knocked down and new homes have been built. Hogg’s Hollow’s idyllic charm is one of Toronto’s most expensive neighbourhoods. Hogg’s Hollow homes are set in a lush landscape with a hill and dale topography that is left unfettered and in its original state without the intrusion of sidewalks.

Cheryl and Samantha know it extremely well and therefore understand why you are interested in this area.

Dining around Hogg’s Hollow? 

As for fine dining, Samantha and Cheryl are very familiar with the exquisite Auberge du Pommier restaurant located on the site of what was originally two woodcutter’s homes from the 1860s. The area now boasts many other family styles and finer restaurants.  Located in the heart of Hogg’s Hollow is a landmark in the area. The Miller Tavern is formerly known to local residents of many years The Jolly Miller. The Tavern is known for its lounge/bar, casual fine dining and one of the City’s largest outdoor patios.

How are the schools in Hogg’s Hollow?

Feel free to ask Cheryl and Samantha about the local schools.  There are several schools, public, secondary, Catholic and private, in the area, including  Owen Public School, St. Andrews Junior High School, York Mills Collegiate. Private Schools close by are  Hillcrest Progressive School, Crescent School, Crestwood, Toronto French School, Havergal College. Catholic School for girls is Loretto Abbey co-ed Blessed Sacrament.

What about medical care near Hogg’s Hollow?

The Graff Girls explain that medical care is excellent at North York General Hospital, located at Sheppard Avenue and Leslie Street.  World-renowned Sunnybrook Hospital is located just south of York Mills on Bayview Avenue. In the area, there are numerous family practices, dental and cosmetic services available.

Parks and Recreation in Hogg’s Hollow?

Hogg’s Hollow residents host an annual “Community Fair” where the families in the neighbourhood get together and enjoy, rides, races, food, and good times. This fair is held in Brookfield Park, which is a small neighbourhood park with a playing field that doubles as an outdoor ice rink in the wintertime.

Hogg’s Hollow community events are announced on the “Notice” signposts at Mill Street and at the community bulletin board in the Millstone Parkette on Plymbridge Road. York Mills Park, off of Yonge Street, is a large linear park that is traversed by the historic Don River. This park contains a walking path, a children’s playground and tennis courts. Golf enthusiasts can walk to the scenic Don Valley Golf Course, just north of York Mills, off Yonge Street

 Do you like to shop? 

The Graff Girls say that going south on Yonge Street you will enjoy shopping in local shops that offer an array of interesting clothing, from jeans to evening wear, jewelry hair salons. You name it, you will find it there.

If you are looking for expert advice on the purchase or sale of a home in Hogg’s Hollow, the only realtor team to call is The Graff Girls.