Lawrence Park

Thinking of buying a home in Lawrence Park?

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Did you know this about Lawrence Park?

Lawrence Park encompasses the area between Bayview Avenue South of Eglinton or over to Yonge Street with a jogged street boundary.

Cheryl and Samantha know it extremely well and therefore understand why you are interested in this area.

The Lawrence Park subdivision was assembled in 1907 by the Dovercourt Land Building and Saving Company. The Dovercourt Land Company acquired the north parcel of Lawrence Park from John Lawrence, after whom this neighbourhood is named.

Wilfred Servington Dinnick was the president of the Dovercourt Land Company. It was under Dinnick’s direction that Lawrence Park was developed as a suburb for the ‘well to do’.

The first advertisement for Lawrence Park trumpeted it as an ‘aristocratic neighbourhood’ and ‘four hundred feet above Lake Ontario’, also ‘Far from the Lake Winds in Winter’.

Despite all its fanfare, Lawrence Park’s development was sporadic. The building of houses was interrupted by two world wars, a recession, and a depression. It wasn’t until the 1950s that this neighbourhood was completely developed.

So The Graff Girls understand why you are thinking of buying a house here.

Lawrence Park North encompasses the neighbourhoods better known as Bedford Park, Wanless Park and Teddington Park. Offering a mix of detached and semi-detached homes, the area is geared towards young families. With an excellent selection of schools, both public and private, numerous parkettes and playgrounds, a community centre, a library and easy access to public transit. Along with big lots, mature trees, convenient shopping, and easy access to public transit. It is no surprise that it is one of Canada’s most affluent neighbourhoods.

Dining options near Lawrence Park? 

As for dining, Samantha and Cheryl suggest you head over to Bayview Avenue South of Eglinton or over to Yonge Street but remind you it is an easy drive to pop on the 401 or the Bayview extension.  The Graff Girls love Mount Pleasant also as an easy scoot to downtown Toronto.

Are there any great schools near Lawrence Park?

Feel free to ask Cheryl and Samantha about the local schools.  There are several schools, public, secondary, Catholic and private, in the area, including Lawrence Park School, Lawrence Park Collegiate, Crescent School, The Toronto French School, Bayview Glen and Crestwood School.

What about medical care in Lawrence Park?

The Graff Girls explain that medical care is excellent. World-renowned Sunnybrook Hospital is located just south of York Mills on Bayview Avenue. The area now is home to dozens of healthcare providers from western medicine to naturopaths to energy practitioners and many more.

Are there nice parks in Lawrence Park?

Samantha and Cheryl will tell you that no area in Toronto has better parks than Lawrence Park.  The area is known for Sherwood Park and their many walking trails.  Plus, the community boasts a baseball diamond, tennis courts and The Granite Club.

Do you like to shop?

The Graff Girls say that Bayview Village is one of the most upscale malls in the GTA.  Then there are The Shops of Don Mills, Boutiques and Specialty Stores on Bayview Avenue and Yonge Street all within minutes of driving. You will not have to drive far to get the best shopping that Toronto has to offer.

If you are looking for expert advice on the purchase or sale of a home in Lawrence Park, the only realtor team to call is The Graff Girls.