Thinking of buying a house in Wychwood/Humewood?

The Graff Girls understand why you are thinking of buying a house here. Today, Wychwood/Humewood is a flourishing area. Humewood is also known as “The Woods” because of its many streets that have names ending with “-wood”, including WychwoodHumewoodCherrywood, Valewood, Maplewood, Wellwood, Kenwood, and Pinewood. 

Wychwood/Humewood is set in a stunningly beautiful pocket of forest and homes near Bathurst St. and Davenport Rd.

Wychwood Park was founded in the late 1800s as an artists’ colony, then on the city’s edge. The central pond Taddle Creek remains the enclave’s focal point. The houses retain their Arts and Crafts–style architecture. In 1985, it became Ontario’s first residential zone to be granted heritage status. At any time, residents can leave their well-designed, well-kept houses for Wychwood Barns—a community hub, with an awesome kids’ park, generous green space and even a seasonal farmers’ market—and to St. Clair’s trendy restaurants, cafés and shops. North of here is Humewood–Cedarvale, where middle-class people share the same family-oriented values, where schools abound, and where housing remains in high demand. Cedarvale, boasts its own multi-million-dollar homes, themselves boasting panoramas of Cedarvale Ravine.

Today, these homes are being re-developed with custom-built homes however, many are also simply renovating the interior and leaving the exterior to maintain the warm and charming streetscape the area is so well known for.

Dining in Wychwood/Humewood;

All you have to do is walk out to St. Clair West.  This strip boasts a variety of restaurants and new ones keep popping up. Whether you are looking for something trendy, date night or family style all are available for you.

How are the schools in Wychwood/Humewood?

Feel free to ask Cheryl and Samantha about the local schools.  There are several schools, public, secondary, Catholic and private, in the area, including Winona Drive Public School, McMurrich Public School, Oakwood Collegiate Institute and St. Alphonsus Catholic School.

Are there nice parks in Wychwood/Humewood area? 

Samantha and Cheryl will tell you that no area in Toronto has better parks than Wychwood/Humewood. Nestled in a thickly wooded valley at the south end of Wychwood Park is the Taddle Creek pond. This pond is home to snapping turtles, painted turtles, goldfish and mallard ducks. In the wintertime, the pond is used as a skating rink. Near the pond is the Wychwood Park tennis court which is so tangled in the underbrush that it is barely visible from the street above.

What about medical care in Wychwood/Humewood

There are various medical and dental offices in the area. Toronto is world known for our hospitals. If needed you are only minutes away to access Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto General Hospital, Princess Margaret, Wellesley Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital, and St. Mikes Hospital.

Do you like to shop? 

The Graff Girls can tell you…You will not have to go far to get the best shopping that Toronto has to offer. Wychwood Park residents can enjoy convenient access to a large number of shops along St. Clair Avenue West. Davenport Road, Vaughan Road and on Bathurst Street convenience style shops are also available.

If you are looking for expert advice on the purchase or sale of a home in Wychwood/Humewood area, the only realtor team to call is The Graff Girls.