3 Ways The Graff Girls protect our Buyers

3 Ways The Graff Girls protect our Buyers

Your real estate transaction depends upon good faith between you, the Buyer, and Seller.

Unfortunately, Sellers could make changes or damage the property prior to closing.

To protect our Buyers, we take the following proactive steps:

1) We Insert a protection clause in the offer: This would include clauses that refer to the state of the home and its contents on the completion date. If there are substantial changes or damage to the home or its contents, the clauses would reflect the Seller to either restore the property to its original condition or compensate you, the Buyer, for any necessary repairs or replacement.

The offer would also include a clause that allows you, the Buyer, to have a pre-closing visit close to or the day before closing that will enable you, the Buyer, to confirm that the home is in the same condition as when you made your offer. Also, this is to ensure the Seller has completed any repairs that were agreed upon.

2) Take pictures and document serial numbers and model of appliances and other chattels and fixtures that are included in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. This will protect you, the Buyer, in the event the Seller attempts to replace these items with different models.

3) With assistance from a lawyer, negotiate a hold back: Your lawyer (Buyer’s lawyer) may be able to negotiate a hold back of a reasonable amount to be re- leased to the Seller after closing, once you, the Buyer is satisfied the property is in good condition.

Taking these steps to protect our clients The Graff Girls demonstrate professionalism and complete client satisfaction.