COVID-19 and Selling your Home

COVID-19 and Selling your Home

Is COVID-19 good for Selling your home?

While the world is in a state of panic, The Graff Girls have been busy fielding their clients’ questions and concerns about their plans to sell or buy a home during this pandemic. As it turns out, a break from open houses, listings and viewings is actually good for real estate. It leaves people wanting more!

Psychologically, once the snow melts buyers and sellers feel the Spring market has arrived and they are anxious to Buy and Sell!
COVID has forced a ‘complete’ shut-down of all real estate activity, not just a slow-down…BUT when this pandemic ends, there will be a selling and buying frenzy from a pent-up appetite to move/down-size/up-size/cash out etc. That is why The Graff Girls have been busy this past week helping their clients study the historical data and preparing marketing material to be ready to go to market with new listings, and help interested buyers develop a strong understanding of the areas of interest to them. As an added benefit, the cost of borrowing will likely make buying even more attractive. So if you are looking for expert advice on how to manage your real estate portfolio at these challenging times, just ask The Graff Girls.

In the meantime, stay home, workout and stay in touch with your loved ones (electronically).

Warm regards,
Samantha and Cheryl